Kait Carr

The Hole Look Web Design

Shadetree Inn website design.


creating a web presence for the hole look

The hole look is a tattoo and piercing shop located in Anchorage, Alaska. The goal was to extend the look of the client's dark and edgy logo, to The Hole Look's website, with grunge textures and blood red multiply filters.


Inspiration for the hole look

The Hole Look had an existing edgy look that was present on their Facebook and Instagram pages, and certainly through the artwork of it's tattoo and piercing artists. I took inspiration from their existing brand as well as packaging design for an old Dymo label maker I found while working on the project. The retro Dymo packaging design uses  deep red script alongside solid black typography and imagery, the labels produced had an inky appearance that reminded me of the dark and inky artwork of The Hole Look.