Kait Carr

The Color of Sunshine


Front & back cover design

My cover design for The Color of Sunshine features the same subject of many of the diagrams used to illustrate the concepts presented by the author within the book. The 14 colored rings surround the head and shoulders of the peaceful character represent the spectrum of color and the 7 chakras associated with that color spectrum. 


Strength in typography

The typography chosen for the title of this book is Belwe, a face I have always been drawn to, as it has a strong yet playful disposition. Belwe felt perfect for this book in particular, not only because of the sunny title, but also because the strength that each letterform lends to the wordmark, overall, conveying the subject of mental strength and clarity described within the book. 


Diagram design

I had the privilege of illustrating over 30 diagrams for The Color of Sunshine, demonstrating some of the complex concepts and ideas presented by the author.  Erin wanted the subject that would be used for each diagram to be void of gender, race, or emotion. But Erin also mentioned her fascination with sci-fi, especially for Star Trek, which gave me the opportunity to thrown in a few hidden references for the Trek fans out there. 

publishing the color of sunshine

Since my client planned to use Amazon's free independent publishing tools to publish both print and ebook versions of her book, I prepared the book for print and for digital use on devices like ipad and Kindle. I formatted the ebook file so that the table of contents would automatically update depending on the device the book is viewed upon, and the print file to print crisp hi-resolution versions of the cover and diagrams within. 

View-01-blue (2).jpg