Kait Carr

Sunshine Medicinals Branding

Shadetree Inn website design.


branding a farm

Sunshine Medicinals is a small, all organic, cannabis farm located in sunny Williams Oregon. I created a brand for Sunshine that would illustrate the high quality and organic product being produced by my client. By using hand drawn typography in the logo, I extended the organic nature of the product to the products' brand. I pulled inspiration from one partner's Scottish heritage with a celtic leaf, and from the other partners' Jewish heritage with a six-sided star at the center of the leaf. 


showing off the product with great photos

The photos I took for sunshine medicinals ended up being the main focus of the website, giving people a beautiful up-close shot of the quality organic product that Sunshine has to offer. 

Print collateral & merchandise

We extended the new Sunshine Medicinals brand across a multitude of merchandise. We embroidered the logo on fair-trade hats and sweat shirts and passed out stickers and strain guides at Weed Week in Portland, Oregon, putting our name and product out into the Portland cannabis community. You can see what Sunshine Medicinals is up to these days by visiting their Instagram page, here.