Kait Carr

Shadetree Inn Web Design

Shadetree Inn website design.


Shadetree Inn Bed & Breakfast is a quaint little Inn hidden within the trees of St.Francisville, Louisiana. Our client needed a website that would show off the beautiful grounds of Shadetree as well as the fairytale suites hidden beneath the vines.

Shadetree's logo already spoke really well to the organic nature of the bed and breakfast, so my goal was to build off of that existing voice to create an on-brand website that would transport the website visitors to the front porch of the Gardener's Cottage. 


creating a cohesive visual identity & web presence on a wide range of devices

Shadetree didn't want visitors on mobile devises to be slowed down by their non-responsive website anymore. The new website would provide an way for visitors to book a stay at the bed & breakfast on any device.