Kait Carr

R&R Watches Web Design

Shadetree Inn website design.



R&R Watches collects and sells designer watches, with a focus on Rolex. The goal for the new website was to provide a way for visitors to receive a quote, to see the current watches for sale, and for the new website to act as the hub for the different places R&R sells their watches, like Ebay and Chrono24, as well as the social media platforms R&R actively uses.

taking inspiration from the existing brand

The existing logo had this really nice seriffed ‘R’, which inspired the main heading typography used throughout the new website.


creating a cohesive visual identity & web presence

EnviroScapes provided us with beautiful images of their work, and to contrast the photographs, I chose illustrative watercolored icons alongside sections of blue-grey watercolor textures . The watercolor style used throughout this design is meant to emulate landscape design plans often presented to clients before moving forward with a project. I decided to use the same script font used within the logo, throughout the websites design, and I contrasted the elegant script with a less seriouse rounded san-serif.