Kait Carr

Road Trip Branding & Packaging


Product branding & packaging design

While working under the direction of Art Director Anne Moscicki, I designed the logo and packaging for the Road Trip Art quilt that debuted in the Fall of 2015, at the International Quilt Market in Houston, TX. After being inspired by her time living near Glacier National Park, Montana, McKenna Ryan designed the Road Trip appliqué quilt blocks and full art quilt. 


Inspiration from my home state

Since I hail from Montana, and know the area McKenna was so inspired by, many ideas for this logo immediately came to mind. We wanted the quilter to feel like they were about to embark on an adventurous road trip through Montana. I found a beautiful old scan of an antique map of a county in Montana, and faded that into the misty treeline of the fabric McKenna designed. Many of the fabrics McKenna designed feature a subtle gradient which lends to the blue to green gradient found on the Typography in the product logo.


A Ten Block Pattern Series

The Road Trip Art quilt has 10 blocks and 13 packages total, each with varying block sizes, with a subtle spot gloss applied to the front and back of the package to highlight the image of the quilt block as well as the product logo. The back flap of each package is sealed with a transparent sticker, and each package is stuffed, sealed, and shipped by the beautiful team at McKenna Ryan Designs.



Digital Marketing Campaign

We ran several social media campaigns on Facebook, ConstantContact, and Instagram to promote the release of Road Trip. I created custom image sliders for McKenna's website using some of the product photography I had taken.