Kait Carr

EnviroScapes Web Design

Shadetree Inn website design.

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EnviroScapes is well respected landscape design business creating long lasting environmental design for their clients in Colorado. The goal for the new website was to provide a way for EnviroScapes to show off their expansive portfolio of landscape design while telling the story of their conception and progress. 

New Logo & a Blank Slate

As far as web presence goes, EnviroScapes was starting with a blank slate.  They had recently had their logo redesigned, and along with that they had little to no social media activity, presenting us with the opportunity to put EnviroScape's best foot forward with the first online presentation of EviroScape's portfolio with a modern and clean website design that both compliments the portfolio while also letting the work speak for itself.


creating a cohesive visual identity & web presence

EnviroScapes provided us with beautiful images of their work, and to contrast the photographs, I chose illustrative watercolored icons alongside sections of blue-grey watercolor textures . The watercolor style used throughout this design is meant to emulate landscape design plans often presented to clients before moving forward with a project. I decided to use the same script font used within the logo, throughout the websites design, and I contrasted the elegant script with a less seriouse rounded san-serif.